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Marcie Maxfield and Cooper, 2013
Oil, 30"x40"

Marcie Maxfield , 2013
Oil, 9"x12"

Charlotte Waters,  2013
Oil, 18"x24"

The Artist's Husband, 2000,
Oil, 11"x14"

John Cahman Reading, 1999
Oil, 16"x20"

Lankershim Cafe, 2017, 
Oil, 22"x22"

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Artist as a Young Woman,  2013
Oil, 10"x14"
Charlotte Waters,  2013
Oil, 10"x14"

Self Portrait in Red, 2000
Oil, 16"x20"

Peggy on a Red Stool
(Cafe Series), 2014

Oil, 30"x40"

Cafe Guitar Player, 2002
(Cafe Series),
Oil, 38"x48"

Farmer's Market, 2013
(Cafe Series),
Oil, 30"x40"

Las Vegas Showgirls , 2002
Oil, 60" x 60"

Dance Studio, 2004
Oil, 24" x 30"

Lillian accepts portrait commissions at reasonable prices.

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